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Professional Chef's Knives

These cutlery items are made in Germany from Solingen Carbon Surgical Steel. All grindings are done by hand and machine for maximum accuracy and blade sharpness. These knives are full tang for safety, durability and strength. And of course, these knives are dishwasher safe for convenience.

Each knife blade is made to the highest standards, with one-piece forging of German stainless steel that has been ice-hardened for lasting sharpness. Designed for maximum performance and comfort - the seamless polypropylene (POM) handle fits perfectly to any size hand. NSF approved. Each knife comes with a knife guard to protect yourself and your investment.

The Professional Knife Series by Chef Works. From the very first time you use your Chef Works cutlery, you will love the craftsmanship, the advanced design and the incredible ease of use.

A Southern Grace Culinary Blog


Grace, a Professional Baker, passionate Foodie and Author of "A Southern Grace" has offered the following review notes on our Forged 10" Round Tip Granton Slicer Knife (To read her full post click here):

"There are a lot of pieces of equipment and several utensils that I covet from the bakery, and I'm slowly but surely purchasing and procuring my very own collection of them. One item that's been on that list since I began working there is the round-tip slicer knife that's perfect for cutting cakes in half horizontally and also comes in handy for dividing tall cakes into smooth, cleanly sliced wedges."

On the 10" Round Tip Slicer with Granton Edge, Grace says:

"… I will tell you that it functions impressively well. I didn't realize that its intended use is for slicing thin, even pieces of meat without causing shredding or tearing, but that's great. All I know is that it slices a cake smoothly and leaves no undesirable jagged surfaces.

I love this knife and will use it any and every time I slice a cake. Heck, I may even try it with meat too…"

About or FEATURED BLOGGER: Grace of A Southern Grace epitomizes Southern Charm. This "belle", and her buoyant baking journal, brilliantly inspires and entertains her readers as she displays her cupcakes, tarts and other delectable creations in delicate antebellum fashion.

Her social graces have cultivated a little society of followers that has completely captivated me. Grace regales us with tantalizing photos, delightful stories and links that unexpectedly lure your attentions (she actually directed me over to a video of Mary Poppins "feeding the birds" in her Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookie post). She pulls you in with her welcoming warmth. She makes you feel as if you're seated in her parlor, and the playful and piquant retorts in the frequent comments create the illusion of afternoon tea with the ladies.

Grace's sweet tooth becomes infectious as she flaunts her decadent "Calorie Shmalorie" cakes and taunts us with sinful "Chocolate Chubbies". Her wit is evidently contagious, as the "comments" banter is every bit as humorous as the posts.

"A Southern Grace" is full of ingenious original recipes, Grace is clearly a very skilled Culinarian. She has the ability to take inspiration from classic favorites, like the Arnold Palmer Ice Tea-Lemonade cold drink and turn it into a cupcake masterpiece. She's very cleverly done the same with the nostalgic Cherry Coke Float cupcake that's even garnered the attention of

And because proper etiquette dictates the addition of an occasional savory in lieu of the sweet, Grace offers us gems like Biscuits and Gravy, - in full deep Southern dialect. "A Southern Grace" is definitely a charmer of note!

Chef Knives