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Denim + Aprons + Urban Style = the PERFECT look!

Denim + Aprons + Urban Style = the PERFECT look!

5th Aug 2021

We are so pleased to offer you the latest range of Denim Aprons to hit the culinary fashion scene. We love the looks you can create with these very versatile, durable and timeless additions to your uniforms.

Featured above is the Manhattan Indigo Denim Waist Apron and the Manhattan Indigo Denim Bib Apron. The simple addition of these unisex Denim Aprons is a One-Size-Fits-All solution to the age-old question, "What's Everybody Wearing?"

Waitress Blue Denim Waist Apron
Portland Indigo Denim Waist Apron
Memphis Contrasting Brown and Indigo Servers Bistro Apron
Memphis Indigo Denim Bistro Apron with Contrasting Brown Stitching & Ties
In addition to the traditional pocket rivets, you'll find many of our aprons accented with functional zip pockets, making a perfectly secure cash pouch for you or your servers.
Black Denim Server Waist Apron with Zip Pocket
Black Contrasting Denim Waist Apron with Orange Top Stitching and a hip Zip Pocket

Memphis Black Denim Bib Apron with Contrasting Brown Ties
With the full coverage provided by our Denim Bib Aprons, you gain the flexibility of allowing your staff to vary their own clothing while still creating an overall uniform look for your restaurant.

Simply pair our Denim Bib with their own favorite Denim Jeans, add a relaxed tee and you've got a classic uniform look that allows your staff to maintain their own individuality.

You'll notice that, in many cases, the apron ties are crafted out of the same denim fabric as the apron, using the lighter colored flip-side for visual appeal. Otherwise, tape ties are used, the color corresponding with the denim hues, ie.: black ties on black denim or deep navy ties on the indigo denim; Note the exception of the Memphis Apron (available in Bib, Half Bistro or Full Bistro), it is accented with brown tape ties and brown top stitching, a stunning contrast.

Modern Black Denim Full Bib Apron
Bronx Black Denim Bib Apron
You'll find most of our aprons available in either Indigo Blue or Black. By reversing a few of the panels, subtle visual interest and color contrast has been obtained. A street-inspired rough frayed edge accents the top of the pockets on the Bronx Apron (available in Bib, Scoop Neck Bib, and Half Bistro).
Portland Denim Kitchen Apron
Portland Gray Denim Kitchen Apron

The textured weave on the Portland Apron (available in Bib, Waist or Full Bistro) gives the denim its chic and contemporary look.

Charlotte Indigo Floral Print Apron
The Indigo Floral print on the Charlotte Bib Apron has it destined to become a favorite.

Chesapeake Butcher Stripe Denim Bib Apron
The Butcher Stripe Denim Chesapeake Apron (available in Bib or Half Bistro) has classic kitchen flair. You'll find the Chesapeake in traditional blue and white butcher stripe or modern black and gray.
Memphis Denim Apron, available in Bib, Half Bistro or Full Bistro

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