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ORANGE Ideas for your Restaurant Uniforms

ORANGE Ideas for your Restaurant Uniforms

5th Aug 2021


The Color with a Sunny Disposition

Most chefs will agree that, coupled with flavor and aroma, the visual presentation of the plate is an integral element to the overall enjoyment of the dish. The same visual perception holds true for the total dining experience.

The decor of the establishment, the choice of linens and silver, the design of the menu, the lighting, the fresh cut flower in the bud vase, they all contribute to the ambiance and set the tone for the type of experience you hope to provide your patrons with. How important then is the appearance of the one whom prepares the dish, and the one who then presents it? We feel that your choice of chef and waitstaff uniforms are a vital part of your restaurant's expression.

Color carries with it a connotation based mostly on our association with objects we commonly see in shades of that color. Think, Orange. The first thing that comes to my mind is the sweet and sunny glass of OJ that greets me each morning. Orange. Fresh from the garden carrots just waiting to tint my stock with their golden hue. Retro Orange. Fond memories from childhood of fizzy Orange Crush in a bottle, ultra hip orange Tic Tacs and tart & juicy Starburst Candies. Sophisticated Orange. The glistening pearl drops of Salmon Roe that nest upon my Ikura Maki sushi roll, or the caramelized persimmon glaze that burnishes my crispy duck breast.

ORANGE definitely has a vibe, and it's inviting, fresh, playful and enlightened. What better way to communicate and project those aspects of your restaurant, cafe, diner or deli than through the elements of your staff's attire. From the host that greets to the managers that engage, The Chef's Emporium has uniform solutions for both front and back of the house to incorporate this vivacious color into your service.

Bright Ideas, just for you:

Orange Chef and Bistro Apron from

Orange Chef and Bistro Aprons

Retro Orange Restaurant Uniform Ideas

Retro Contrasting Orange Diner and Solid Orange Cool Vent Cafe Shirts

Orange Chef Jacket and Chef Hat

All our uniforms can be further customize for your look and identity with logo embroidery. Feel free to drop us a line for further details:

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