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The Chef's Emporium is a proud supplier of the Chef Works brand of Uniforms, including Chef Jackets, Pants, Aprons and Hats.

Order custom embroidery for your Chef Jackets, Aprons and Hats, we'll personalize any item for you!

Whether you are a professional, a home cooking enthusiast, proclaimed foodie or culinary student, we offer stylish and comfortable Chef Works brand Apparel and Uniforms for any kitchen. We also carry a beautiful selection of KNIVES along with knife cases.

The CHEF JACKET, is the hallmark piece of a chef’s uniform. For over 100 years, the design has remained closely the same, making it the iconic symbol of what the working chef wears. True to form following function, it was created in bleach-able white of heavy weighted cotton fabric with long sleeve and two rows of cloth-knot buttons enabling the double breasted front.

Just a mere decade ago, something marvelous finally happened to it, a fashion forward company called Chef Works decided to re-invent it. As more and more restaurants are opening up their kitchens, breaking down the walls that separate their critical hot line from the dining room, many chefs are opening the boundaries that once stood between them and their diners. They want to show active representation on the floor, interacting with their guests for hospitality and feedback. And they want to do it in apparel that best represents themselves and mirrors the identity of their establishment.

Welcome short sleeves, welcome light and innovative fabrics, welcome vibrant colors, welcome hip and stylish tailoring, you've been long awaited. The Chef’s Emporium will help you further personalize the jackets and create your own identity with embroidery and corporate branding.

Our SIGNATURE SERIES line embodies these changes. This is where you will find the new contemporary classics. Full sleeve or 3/4 length, bold contrasting fabrics types combine to create modernistic motifs. Many innovations and practical details have been stitched into this line, like a sweatband lined collar and breathable cool vent technology.

Our classic EXECUTIVE collection couples traditional styling with professional finesse. These jackets hold true to the original form and function of the garment. With their double breasted styling, they offer the ability to reverse the front panels. This range is rich on utilitarian features like the left chest pocket, right sleeve thermometer pocket, fold back French cuffs and under arm vents. Subtle accents like specialized buttons or colored piping on the collar and cuffs offer you expression for your individuality without compromising the classic look of conventional chef attire.

Our BASIC range was assembled to outfit the individual or full staff putting in a hard day’s work. These uniform essentials will hold up to rigors and demands of the commercial kitchen, or academic segue to it, day-after-day and wash-after-wash. The basic range is priced perfectly for stocking up on your "Chef Whites". - Or colors! Our COLOR collection boasts 14 exceptional shades, from oranges and limes to berries and Merlot.

Our COOL VENT products integrate moisture management technology with styling functionality. It is a brilliant fashion forward trend in the culinary arena, which utilizes the same breathable performance fabrics of high-end sportswear in strategically placed vented panels, allowing the heat we generate to escape while encouraging the cooling process through moisture wicking and evaporation. The Cool Vent Technology has been incorporated into many of our chef jackets, kitchen shirts, pants and head-wear options.

Our EGYPTIAN COTTON and SUPER COMBED 120 premium collection is expertly tailored to provide the ultimate statement in culinary apparel. These beautifully detailed jackets spotlight refined styling and fit, petite hand-rolled buttons and a luxurious fabric. They make a loud and clear statement of refinement and elegance, for those times when you must present yourself, as well as your epicurean creations.

Our WOMEN’s COLLECTION includes womens chef jackets that are tailored to fit the female physique. With a tapered waist, flared hip area, and proportioned French cuffs and sleeve length, they yield a slender, flattering and professional fit. You'll find them available at a very sensible price in our Basic Range, looking very chic in our Signature Series Line and sporting exceptional fabric and details in our Egyptian Cotton Collection. Our women’s chef pants are a pleasing alternative to the traditional extra wide thigh, and tight taper at the ankle. We think you’ll be very satisfied with the slimming cut.

Looking for a fun way to get your little ones into the kitchen? We suggest getting them into our KIDS CHEF COSTUME. In addition to making a great gift, moms are telling us that their children are becoming extremely adventurous with their food tasting and choices, - when, of course, they've cooked it themselves in their own professional Kid’s Chef Coat. And if you're hungry for recipe ideas, homemade family fun and deliciously sweet memories, please join us with your little cooks at our CHILD’S PLATE Kid’s Recipe Blog.

PERSONALIZING a gift, couldn't be simpler with our custom embroidery options. MONOGRAMING is a click away on every product that we offer embroidery for. You can select from six different embroidery font styles, choose your own thread color and customize your text right on the product page. We also provide Corporate Logo digitizing and Logo Embroidery for all our chef clothing.

Designed for the lifestyle of today's chef, our PANTS work as hard as you do. From traditional Baggies and Baggy Cargo's to our Professional Series, and Univator Award Winning pants, we’re looking to exceed your expectation with meticulous attention to detail. We offer a fabulous selection of cuts and colors in fabrics that perform.

Keep your front line looking as polished as your silver. We boast a vast selection of attire in our FRONT OF THE HOUSE collection. From formal posh to diner nosh, we’ve got looks that will suite your identity and decor. We can coordinate your waiter and waitress server aprons with your bartender’s ties and vests and your table busser’s dress shirt.

Our PERSONALIZED APRONS are giving you fresh new customizing options, with mix and match embroidery designs. We have a rainbow of apron shades available for you to choose from, offering coverage from chest bib to full length bistro. Our stripes start at the traditional black and white chalk stripe and end at a full spectrum of color. Our waffle weave and corded aprons are a lesson in understated elegance with their eye-catching textures.

And, at the forehead of it all is our CHEF HAT collection. Suitably coordinated to match the shades of our chef jackets and aprons, our baseball caps and beanies are a far cry from your instructor’s pillow topped hat (though we do carry one of those as well). You can even let a little steam off the top with our clever Cool Vent beanies.

FREE SHIPPING is available anytime you spend over $99 on merchandise. Simply enter the coupon code: shipFREE at checkout and the UPS Ground Shipping fee will be waived.

“What’s New?” Answering that is easy, check out our HOT OFF THE LINE? page for all the newest releases. Or, click over to our WHAT’S NEWS? blog for the current newsletter posting.

We have chosen to exclusively offer the Chef Works brand of chef uniforms and knives for well over a decade now. We stand behind the company that consistently delivers on quality, price, product availability and speed. Couple that with the outstanding customer service record here at, and you'll know why you've found the right place to shop for all your chef apparel. As Chef Works says, "The Difference is in the Details!"

SEE what are people saying about The Chefs Emporium:

Sandra's Easy Cooking Blog "Thank you so much again for the Chef's Jacket for my girl. She LOVE it..she didn't want to take it off! :D Anyhow, I made a post because yesterday I was teaching my kids how to make Kimbap-Korean rice roll and the idea came to me that it would be great for her to show her new jacket. You can see it "HERE"

The above quote is from Sandra, author of "Sandra's Easy Cooking Blog". Sandra is a home chef turned gourmet. She has mastered the cuisines of Northeast Asia and in-turn enlightens other home cooks on the culture, the ingredients, the techniques and the rich flavors the Orient.

A Pear to Remember Blog Author "I like to consider my “catering” gigs informal: wedding showers, events under 50 guests, dinner parties. Yet in true American female fashion, I am always concerned about what to wear when I’m cooking for others in public. I want to look nice, yet it is guaranteed I will get food on myself. For me, this coat is practical and professional. I would recommend it to any caterer, restaurant cook, or—like myself—the enthusiastic entertainer looking to leave the party without olive oil on her blouse."

The above quote is from Lindsey, a graduate of George Mason University's Nutrition and Food Studies. Her hunger for excellence has led her on a six year pursuit of finding her place in the culinary world. She is now tasting sweet success as she shares her knowledge and skills with others through cooking classes and food demos. Follow her savory tales of adventure at "A Pear to Remember".

Foodness Gracious Blog Author "Can you imagine walking into your kitchen and preparing the family dinner wearing a full uniform with your name on it? Umm, maybe a little strange but you’d earn major respect from the family!" "Kids aren’t left out either…they can get their own kitchen outfit so no more flour covered t-shirts or chocolate-stained tank tops."

The above quote is from Gerry, the seriously passionate culinary journalist and food photographer of "Foodness Gracious". - If this dad's in the kitchen, it's the only place in the house you'll want to be. Gerry is also owner of Toot Sweet, crafting small made to order batches of Artisan Caramels from simple, quality and sustainable ingredients.

Sidewalk Shoes Lifestyle Blog "I received the coat and it is wonderful!! I am so excited" "It is absolutely gorgeous with elegant and understated gray trim on the front of the jacket and on the little pocket on the sleeve. It is super comfortable, the sleeves are just the right length (no more trying to bunch up my sleeves with dirty hands). It has a vented mesh area under the arms for when it gets a little hot in the kitchen." "I love this chef's coat, absolutely love it!"

The above quote is from Pam, author of the lifestyle blog "Sidewalk Shoes". Pam is a professional photographer, owner of Pamela Greer Photography and thrives on sharing the sights, colors and vibrant life around her through stunning images, kitchen creations, literary and libation reviews.

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